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Naturehood working with Franklin and Hemmingford elementary school

September 2021

The Earthvalues Institute under the Naturehood initiative was able to help motivate and educate the students and faculty at both Franklin and Hemmingford elementary school, located in South Western Quebec.

Both schools have creating more Nature-based programs within the school, creating new biodiversity projects and a Migratory Bird Monitoring Project.

Photos show instructor Myka Taylor’s last presentation and visit to the schools

Franklin’s Outdoor Classroom

Naturehood Presentation

by Myka Taylor

Presentation Theme: “Fall Colors” & “Nature’s adaptations to Winter”

New Bug Hotel (Biodiversity Area)

Each school installed bird house, bird feeders and bird baths.

The school was given bird indentification posters for a Migratory Bird Project. Students keep track of the type of birds that visit and monitor what birds are present in each month.

Living Schools use Nature as teacher and guide…

Email from a Naturehood participant’s parent, sent to the school principal.

Hi ______

I just wanted to tell you how much _______ loved Myka’s presentation today. Despite how quiet she was at the gate she talked non-stop all the way home about the animals she got to see and touch and all the interesting facts she learned. She was thrilled with it. She said the presentation was 45 minutes but felt like 10!

Thank _________ please! It was a great idea to have her in!

Have a great weekend!


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