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Naturehood inspires urban residents to connect with Nature through interpretive walks, games, art activities, and exploration. The program was piloted at Dawson College, in Montreal, by Nature Canada through the Earthvalues Institute, a not-for-profit organization specialising in developing Nature as mentor educational programs. Myka Taylor runs and coordinates our Naturehood programs and Jenn De Vera at Dawson College.

During the summer Naturehood sessions, programs were developed for both individual visits by a group and for multiple visits that reinvested content and built on group dynamics. Multiple visiting groups would return with increased excitement to discover the program that day. These groups also demonstrated increased respect to the gardens, each other and Nature around them with each visit. 


  • During the NatureHood 2020 and 2021 season, more than 200 children in Montreal day camps participated in a sustainable happiness program, watched monarch butterflies develop and became more aware of helping each other and helping the planet!

  • During the pilot season of 2015, more than 525 Montrealers of all ages participated in our NatureHood program.

  • Some of the activities we offer include: Nature interpretation walks, Fossil-making and exploring, Recyling do's and don'ts, secrets of plants and trees, and more!

  • Our workshops have ranged anywhere from 45 minutes, to 15 hours,  over a period of two days.

  • We've designed programs for 18 - 300 participants, and for 3 years and older.


St-Francis Elementary School

Richmond, Qc

Saint-Raymond Center

Montreal, Qc

Centre Green

Montreal, Qc

CPE Terre des Enfants

Montreal, Qc

Maison des Jeunes

Huntingdon, Qc

YMCA Montreal

Montreal, Qc

Girl Guides of Canada

Quebec Chapter


Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Jenny, Camp Counselor

at the YMCA

"I really enjoyed the NatureHood program with Myka. It was chock-full of information, yet presented in an experiential, engaging, and thoughtful way. Myka's enthusiasm was contagious and it never took long for the kids to be fully engaged while learning about Nature and all the wonderful things it has to offer."

Playing with Animals

Zack, 4-year-old

daycare student

"My mom said we can go buy and plant some milkweed for the butterflies."

Preschool Teacher and Students

Louise, Daycare worker

"Wow, I really need to start putting my phone down and just look around. Thank you so much for this last week. I left feeling so much better and energized."

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