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Chris Adam – Teacher, Dawson College; President, A-D Naturalists Inc.

Chris is on faculty at Dawson College in Montreal where he teaches environmental leadership and group development. He has worked for private and public organizations and has lectured throughout North America as a teacher of change. His energies are currently focused on further developing educational experiences that bridge the arts and sciences, while addressing the values that shape our attitudes towards the natural world.

Chris founded and currently directs the Earthvalues Institute. He is also the President of A-D Naturalists Inc., a company offering a vast array of consulting services in the environmental education sector. Prior to these positions, Chris served as education program consultant to The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and the Harmony Foundation.

Chris has presented over 300 professional development workshops, including conferences, educational institutes and summits across Canada and the United States for educators at all levels of the educational system (pre-school to university). Topics include values issues, sustainable development, environmental education programs, school as community, integration of subject areas and group development/leadership activities. Chris has also developed and implemented environmental programs for schools, camps, school boards, government, and municipal recreation departments. Well over 100,000 students have participated in these educational programs.

Danielle Delhaes – Education Consultant, A-D Naturalists Inc.,

Anne Doucet-Board - Coordinator of Evaluation, Quebec Ministry of Education; Language Arts Consultant, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Ken Thorpe – Director, Teraxis; President, Social Investing Organization

Wildlife Gaining Ground program challenges landowners to invite wildlife into their backyards.

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